To do that, you need to:

  • own the original Dying Light game and play it for a while in any of the available online modes(!), as offline gameplay cannot be registered in our systems. Once you've played online for some time, the system will eventually notice you as a verified Dying Light player. Please make sure that you've actually played Dying Light. The game won't show up in your Library if you used software like SAM or were idling for hours using some other method. 
  • register an account at and link your Dockets Account to your Steam profile along with any other gaming platform you own your main Dying Light (2015) game on (PS4 or Xbox One).

In case you are wondering, weapon dockets are basically coupons that you can exchange in Dying Light (2015) for unique weapons.

For more information on Dockets in the original Dying Light, visit the following article:

What are Dockets and how do i exchange them for weapons? 

Note that 
codes for Bad Blood are no longer needed. The game is automatically assigned to the Steam Library of a Steam profile that owns the license for the original Dying Light (2015) game.

If you borrow Dying Light from another player (e.g. through the Family-Share option) or lend it to them, it will not work.

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